Adviser Tool Kit

Welcome to the adviser tool kit which aims to provide comprehensive information along with useful resources on apprenticeships and the Fuller Working Lives initiative for customers 50 +.

Working with Career Advisers in the West Midlands we have created a toolkit which features resources including activities, fact sheets, myth busters and useful websites.

Information can be downloaded and printed out if required, or used as an online resource when working one to one with customers.

Apprenticeships Guides (Folder 1) to include

  • Apprenticeship Websites
  • A Guide to Apprenticeships
  • A Guide to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships
  • Employer Guide to Apprenticeships
  • A Parent's Guide to Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Workbook (Folder 2) to include

  • How to Write a Winning Apprenticeship Application

LMIs (Folder 3) to include

  •  Information on Key Sectors for Advisers
  •  Factsheet: Manuafacturing Sector
  •  Factsheet: Health and Care Sector
  •  Factsheet: Construction Sector
  •  Factsheet: Digital and Creative Sector
  •  Factsheet: Cyber Security Sector
  • Sector Guides: Birmingham and Solihull
  •  Sector Guides: Coventry and Warwickshire
  •  Sector Guides: Worcestershire
  •  Sector Guides: Shropshire

Apprenticeship Activities (Folder 4) to include

  • Barriers
  • Barriers Answers
  • Apprenticeship Quiz
  • Apprenticeship Quiz Answers
  • Case Studies
  • Finding "Buzz Words"
  • Myth Buster

Apprenticeships Factsheets(Folder 5) to include:

  • Fact Sheet: How to Find and Apply for an Apprenticeship
  • Fact Sheet: Disability Disclosures in Apprenticeships
  • Fact Sheet: Black and Minority Ethnic Apprenticeship Customers (BAME)
  • Fact Sheet: Is an Apprenticeship the Right Choice for Your Customer? (the pros and cons)
  • Fact Sheet: Degree Apprenticeships
  • Fact Sheet: Apprenticeships Questions and Answers

Adviser Apprenticeship Activities (Folder 6) to include:

  • Activity: Using 'Find an Apprenticeships' Website to Search for Suitable Apprenticeships
  • Activity: Using 'Find an Apprenticeship' Website to Disclose a Disability
  • Activity: Writing About Your Work History
  • Activity: Writing About Your Strengths
  • Activity: Is an Apprenticeship the Right Choice for Your Customer?
  • CMO Activity: Writing a Cover Letter for an Apprenticeship Application

Fuller Working Lives Activities (Folder 7) to include:

  • What Barriers and Issues Might 50+ Employed Customers Face?
  • Quiz and Myths
  • Quiz and Myth Answers

Midlife Career workbooks (Folder 8) to include:

  • Blueprint for Career - User Guide
  • Blueprint for Careers Questionnaire

FWL - Factsheets (Folder 9) to include:

  • The Missing Millions
  • One Million More Older People in Work by 2022
  • Government Business Champions
  • Commit and Publish