Central London

Popular sectors in City of London are IT, Accounting and Finance, with the average City salary being £55,164! The City of London is the business district right at the centre of London. It’s often referred to as the Square Mile. 513,000 people are employed in the City of London, which is 10% of the London job market. 

Camden Town has been awarded £2.2m from the Mayor’s Regeneration Fund, plus £1m from Camden Council, Camden Town Unlimited and Transport for London, to improve public space and invest in local business which will create many job opportunities. The average salary in Camden is £30,752, with high demand jobs in Teaching, Hospitality and Catering.  

The top companies hiring in Westminster are John Lewis, Firmdale Holdings and Westminster City Council. Westminster has many job opportunities in education, retail and hospitality and the average salary for a retail assistant is £11,000 - £25,000, with typical working hours being 39 – 41 a week.  

Islington is one of the most vibrant parts of London, with many restaurants, pubs, theatres, museums, cinemas and galleries, which provide many job opportunities within the area. Popular sectors in Islington are for Teaching, Healthcare and Nursing Jobs and the average salary is £27,954. 

With a population of 284,000, Haringey covers an area of more than 11 square miles and is home to local landmarks Alexandra Palace, Bruce Castle, Jacksons Lane, Highpoint I and II, and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Tottenham is one of the Mayor’s flagship housing zones and is already seeing the benefit of more than £1billion of public and private investment to transform the area, set to create 10,000 new homes and 5,000 new jobs. Across Haringey, huge infrastructure improvements such as proposals for a number of new Crossrail 2 stations which would unlock more regeneration opportunities across the borough.

The London Borough of Hackney is in north-east London and is the fastest growing borough in east London. The historical and administrative heart of Hackney is the area known as Hackney Central. To the east is the large open space of Hackney Marshes and to the south is Victoria Park. Light industries in the area around the River Lea employ over 3,000 people. 

Tower Hamlets covers much of the traditional East End. Tower Hamlets Council has been awarded £99,000 from the Mayor’s Portas Pilot Initiative and has contributed a further £88,000 to develop an approach to improve three local markets, which will create many job opportunities within the area.  

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is located in the inner-west of London. It contains major museums and universities in Albertopolis, department stores such as Harrods, Peter Jones and Harvey Nichols. The top employers in Kensington and Chelsea are National Health Service, Imperial College London and V&A Museum.   

Central London Boroughs have the highest number of jobs available - at the top end, there are over 730,000 available jobs in Westminster!