What our customers say

Here are just a few of the comments people have made:

My Adviser really knows her job. I'm so happy to have her as my Adviser. I really like the way she helped me and broke down things to me. She is really good. After meeting her everything has been sorted and in a very good way.

After seeing my Adviser I’m feeling very confident about my career plans. I had help updating my CV. I will follow up on jobs sent to my Email. I couldn't fault the service and the help I received. The Adviser was very polite and reassuring; she helped in my job search.

I'm glad I asked the Job Centre staff about this CV review. Initially was a little sceptical before attending, but once I sat in the chair and engaged with my Adviser, I felt at ease. This service was the best help I ever got at Croydon job centre and felt that I'm dealing with a professional person, who knows what they are talking about and who really wants to help. Excellent service indeed.

I found my Adviser’s empathy, encouragement and enthusiasm motivational and has improved my level of confidence. This service was very helpful and timely for me, in a convenient location and a friendly and extremely knowledgeable Adviser.

He was excellent, he gave me direction and that is exactly what I needed to move forward. Very friendly too :) He is very motivational, I especially like the fact that he said "you're going to have so much fun" as he shook my hand at the end of the session. That’s really going to stick with me...gave me an extra boost.

My Adviser was professional and very skilled and was listening to my questions and answering them accordingly by providing very sufficient information. I found him very supportive and understanding and very efficient. He is a perfect representative of your service and I wish him all the best of luck with his career endeavours as well. Thank you.