Shropshire – Herefordshire - Telford & Wrekin (The Marches)

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The Marches has a vision to create 70,000 new homes and almost 40,000 new jobs over the next 20 years.

The Marches jobs market is particularly strong in self-employment (18.8% of jobs but overwhelmingly concentrated in construction and agriculture) and in having an economy with 89% micro-businesses.

The employment rate of those aged 16-64 is 77.4%, higher than the average for the West Midlands and England.

sector jobs are growing (up 8% in the last five years) whilst public sector jobs over the same period went down by 13%.

Key sectors are:

Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering – large employers are primarily clustered around Telford including Caterpillar, Epson and Ricoh;

Agri-food and technologies – large employers are Sun Valley Foods in Herefordshire and Muller Dairy (UK) in Shropshire;

Defence and securities – large employers are BAE Systems in Telford and Wrekin and Skylon Park in Herefordshire;

Health and social care – mostly jobs within hospitals.

Areas where jobs are being created:

Skylon Park in Hereford

With a unique defence and security sector focus Skylon Park offers a high-quality business space which is creating jobs as businesses take up the available space.

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Employment forecasts

are forecast to grow by 17,000 by 2022. This should mean more jobs in health and social care; construction and professional services but fewer jobs in manufacturing & engineering and public admin & defence.

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Job Market Information (Shropshire)