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Worcestershire has many job opportunities in public admin, health and education but it also has a wide range of jobs in finance & business and retail. There are jobs in manufacturing and a growth in specialist jobs combining agriculture and technology.

Nearly half of all businesses in Worcestershire are rural and there are 11,000 of them (compared with 15,000 in the urban areas of Worcestershire). More than 98% of these rural businesses employ less than 50 employees and nearly a quarter of all businesses have no employees. So finding work can be difficult unless you can network and job search small businesses.

Worcestershire’s rural economy does provide jobs in: Image result for agriculture

  • Agriculture and forestry;
  • Wholesale and retail;
  • Construction

There are also nearly 800 businesses in the tourism and recreation sector.

Agriculture combined with technology provides jobs and there are three areas of Worcestershire that offer significant growth opportunities:

  • Vale of Evesham provides a focus for commercial horticulture, with increasing opportunities for growth, including food production and processing facilities;
  • Wyre Forest and the surrounding area provides an opportunity for finer grain development of small holdings and smaller scale food production linked to the Marches; and
  • Teme Valley and the South provide an opportunity for commercial fruit production linked to larger scale orchards.

22% of Worcestershire businesses, in a recent survey, expect to recruit in 2017 which is very positive news for job seekers.

Top tip – the skills most businesses find hard to find are: Image result for teme valley

  • Job specific skills (41%)
  • Technical or practical skills (36%)
  • Customer handling (30%)
  • Problem solving (29%)
  • Planning and organisation skills (28%)

Latest news

Worcestershire records strongest growth in higher level workforce skills for second year running according to Worcestershire Local Enterprise PartnershipRelated image

(July 4, 2017)

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