South East London

The top companies hiring in Southwark are Uber, Defra and Experian. The average Southwark salary is £30,300 and the top three paying jobs are Designer - £38,868, Consultant - £37,620 and Administrator - £35,722. 

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has been recognised as one of the top apprentice employers. Royal Greenwich is undertaking ambitious regeneration projects right across the borough. As part of its contract agreements with contractors and builders, the Council ensures that apprenticeships, training and job opportunities are available to local residents on all major building programmes in the Borough. You can find out ab out apprenticeship opportunities in Greenwich at

Bexley has been awarded £1.2m from the Mayor’s Outer London Fund, matched by £582,000 from the council, to revitalise Sidcup Town Centre and increase retail job opportunities. The top companies hiring in Bexley are Uber, Tutorful and Asda. 

There are exciting developments happening in Lewisham town centres and local neighbourhoods, bringing new housing, schools and leisure facilities to the area. The redevelopment of Catford Stadium will provide over 1,000 jobs. Deptford has the highest number of nurseries is Lewisham. A nursery worker in London can expect to earn from £14,000 (unqualified) to £24,000 (experienced). 

The biggest employers in Bromley are Direct Line and Link Asset Services. The shopping centres of The Glades in Bromley and The Walnuts in Orpington offer many job opportunities. The average sales assistant in Bromley can expect to earn £22,600 per annum.