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Domino's Pizza to create 5,000 new jobs across the UK

Domino’s Pizza, Britain’s biggest pizza delivery chain, is to create 5,000 new jobs and support more than 1,000 placements in the government’s fledgling Kickstart scheme as it gears up for its busiest time of year. 

The 5,000 new positions include pizza chefs, delivery drivers and customer service staff, and are in addition to the 6,000 new jobs offered since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company has also pledged to provide more than 1,000 work placements for young people in stores across England, Scotland and Wales under the Kickstart scheme. The successful under-25s taking up the places through the £2bn Treasury job creation scheme will receive on-the-job training and have access to new e-learning modules on key skills such as timekeeping and teamwork.

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