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Demand for Jobs and Skills in “The Green Economy”

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There has been an increasing focus on the ‘green economy’ and ‘green jobs’ as governments across the world have moved to tackle climate change, and the global ‘low carbon’ economy has grown.

The Green Economy is not just about businesses and jobs that are specifically environmental; in reality, rather than there being a “green sector”, there tends to be green jobs growing within existing sectors, and even green skills being added to existing jobs.


Working within Retail

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The retail industry is one of the UK’s largest private sector employers. Within the retail industry many of the roles will be customer facing, but you could also work in areas such as buying, online retail, merchandising, IT support, marketing, distribution, or logistics. Almost 1 in 10 working people work in the retail industry and 60,000 Retail Managers may be needed in the UK by 2022. The growing number of self-service tills in shops such as supermarkets means fewer Check Out Assistants, but Store and Deputy Store Managers will be in demand.

Labour Market Update - February

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The top 10 most in-demand skills in the UK were revealed as: Finance. Auditing. Accounting. Agile Methodology. KPI’s. Business Development. Warehousing. Nursing. Mental Health. SQL

The top 10 most in-demand soft skills in the UK were revealed as: Communications. Management, Customer Service. Sales. Enthusiasm. Planning. Leadership. Detail Orientated. Innovation. Self-motivation

Some of the top employers in London include NHS, Tesco, Royal Mail, DWP (Department for work and pensions)