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£1bn fund for female startups

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RBS has launched a £1bn fund to support women entrepreneurs. The bank’s first female boss Alison Rose has pledged to support the creation of 50,000 startups by 2023, with the fund set aside to offer loans for qualifying female-led firms. Before taking the top job at RBS, Rose led a government-backed review which found that women typically launch their company with around half as much capital as men, with less than 1% of all venture capital funding offered to female business owners.

Jobs of the Future

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Demand for both “digital” and “human” factors is driving growth in the professions of the future. Seven key professional clusters are emerging in tandem. On the one hand, these reflect the adoption of new technologies—giving rise to greater demand for green economy jobs, roles at the forefront of the data and AI economy as well as new roles in engineering, cloud computing and product development.

What new jobs will emerge in the 2020s?

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As the economy has evolved over the last decade, a perfect storm of austerity, automation and e-commerce has created winners and losers, with women in particular bearing the brunt of job losses in back office and high street roles. But the start of a new decade warrants a healthy dose of optimism. What new jobs will emerge? And how can we support workers to transition into the jobs of the future?