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London at night: an evidence base for a 24-hour city Executive report November 2018

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London is a growing city, with the population expected to reach 10.8 million by 2041 - up from 8.8 million in 2017. At the same time London remains one of the most visited cities in the world. Demand for visitor accommodation in London is projected to reach 196.4 million nights by 2041, up from 138.5 million nights in 2015. The number of people who enjoy London’s nightlife is increasing and London’s jobs market is growing as fast at night as during the day.

The number of pubs continues to decline. However, employment in pubs is growing.

Adults to be offered free digital skills courses

New 'essential digital skills' qualifications will be available from 2020, skills minister Anne Milton announces

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Adults with no or few digital skills are to be given access to a new suite of free courses, apprenticeship and skills minister Anne Milton has announced.

The new offer, unveiled today, will comprise a range of new "essential digital skills" qualifications, which will be available from 2020, as well as digital functional skills qualifications, which are planned to be taught from 2021.

The courses will be designed to support progression into employment or further education and develop skills for everyday life. According to the government, one in five adults has no or few basic digital skills.

Multiple Careers

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More than 320,500 self-employed people in Britain are working two or more jobs, new analysis suggests.

A study by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) - shows that 7% have launched an additional business.

Some call it a portfolio career or a multi-hyphenate career.

One term that seems to be sticking is "slashie", as in: "I am a chef/blogger/dog walker."