1. Identify role(s) for your customer

  2. If the Referral Code is JO.LDN.Equans, refer your customer by adding the code to the API Classification - the Action Notes will populate.

  3. If the Referral Code is JO.LDN.Equans.Apply, refer your customer by adding the code to the API Classification, then copy and paste the "Action Notes Job Link" into the CSAP (API Action Notes) in the designated space to instruct the Customer to carry out next steps.

Company: Equans

Job Title: 


•Assistant Premises Manager


•Customer Service Agent

•Helpdesk Operative

•Mobile Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

•Part Time Cleaner

•Security Officer

•Workplace Assistant


•Electrical Apprentice

•Commercial Manager

•Legal Counsel

•Maintenance Engineer

•Painter and Decorator

Network Support Agent

Location: Pan London - Click link below to view all the details

Salary: cLick link to view

Hours: Full & Part Time opportunties

Description:They have multiple vacancies across Customer Service, Construction, Engineering and facilities management. The process for applications is direct apply. We do however have an agreement that on our monthly catch up they will provide updates on the names we have sign posted over.

Referral Code: JO.LDN.Equans.Apply

Action Notes Job Link: https://jobs.equans.co.uk/find-your-job/



Job Title: 





Referral Code: JO.LDN.Equans

Recruitment Forum: Specialist Services