Local Job Market Information


There are many job markets across the West Midlands. You can find specific information on these areas:

For effective job searching you could start by looking at vacancies with major employers. Here is a list of major employers who are often recruiting in the West Midlands.

The West Midlands has several expanding businesses so another way to job search is to look at the jobs which are growing across the whole area. Here are some of the main job opportunities linked to major employers:

Advanced manufacturing and engineering

Across the West Midlands we need more engineers to work in areas such as robotics, cyber security, biomedical technology, satellites, driverless vehicles, smart energy, manufacturing equipment and agri-tech. The region already employs more people in advanced manufacturing and engineering than the UK average.


robotics | cyber security | biomedical technology | telecommunications and satellites | driverless vehicles | smart energy | agri-tech | low-carbon technology 

automotive | machinery and equipment manufacturing | metals and polymers (such as plastics) | food and drink production


BAE Systems | Caterpillar | RAF Cosford | Bridgnorth Aluminium | Denso | Stadco | Aga, Cobra Seats, Ricoh, Maxell, Holden Aluminium Technologies | Grainger and Worrall | Doncasters Group | Cedo UK | Bischof and Klein | Classic Motor Cars

But there are many more smaller employers offering a broad range of careers.


The demand for construction workers is expected to grow because of increase in the building of road and rail links and houses.


Carpenters and joiners | Electricians | Bricklayers | Steel erectors and structural fabrication | Construction process managers 

Health and care

New technologies and discoveries are creating new jobs in health and social care including:


patient monitoring | personal diagnostics |robotics |assistive technology | genomic medicine | bioscience | use of apps | genetic research | anti-microbial resistance


Royal Shrewsbury Hospital | Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust | Allied Healthcare | Secant Medical | Wye Valley NHS Trust | Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group | Scope | Nuffield Health | Shropdoc | Shropshire Mental Health Trust

Transport and logistics

Across the West Midlands, most people who work in this sector are involved in warehousing, storage and transport by road. The region employs more workers in transport and logistics than the UK average.


Royal Mail | Culina Group | The Army |RAF | Grocontinental | Kuehne + Nagel | Wincanton | DHL | Burgoynes

Business, Finance and Professional Services

Technology is constantly changing work in this sector. Artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, big data management, ecommerce, Fintech and environmental accounting are all predicted to grow over the next few years.


sales and customer service roles | HR (human resources) managers | actuaries | legal professionals | ICT experts | accountants | data analysts | business intelligence specialists | management consultants | cyber security experts | digital marketing specialists

All business and professional services combined – from lawyers and accountants to ICT, marketing, HR and sales as well as management and other consultants – make up one of the largest employment sectors.


As well as big high street names such as Barclays, Halifax, HSBC and Lloyds, there are many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) employing between 1 and 249 people offering a range of jobs in business consultancy, finance and law.