How to make a good impression


So you’ve applied for a job and have sent off your CV. Now you’ve been called to interview. The next step towards a great job is performing well in the interview.

Some people find job interviews a bit nervewracking. This needn’t be the case – a job interview is a fantastic opportunity to show employers that you would fit well into their workplace.

What will you be asked?

If you’ve an idea of what questions you’ll be asked, it can help you relax.

The topics your interview is likely to cover include:

  • Your skills
  • Why you want the job
  • Your understanding of the job
  • Your ambitions
  • Your work history
  • Your motivation
  • What you know about the company
  • Your ability to work in a team
  • Your personality and interests
  • More unusual questions, to test your ability to think on the spot.

How to shine at an interview

Here are some tips to make your interview easier:

  • read your CV beforehand so you can refer to it
  • don’t lie about your experience or qualifications
  • don’t be late
  • dress smartly
  • take your time to think before answering questions
  • don’t use swear words or slang