1. Identify role(s) for your customer

  2. If the Referral Code is JO.LDN.Sodexo, refer your customer by adding the code to the API Classification - the Action Notes will populate.

  3. If the Referral Code is JO.LDN.Sodexo.Apply, refer your customer by adding the code to the API Classification, then copy and paste the "Action Notes Job Link" into the CSAP (API Action Notes) in the designated space to instruct the Customer to carry out next steps.

Company: Sodexo

Job Title: Various

Location: Pan-London

Salary: Various

Hours: Variable


  • Working with Sodexo is more than a job; it’s a chance to be part of something greater
    ​because we believe our everyday actions have a big impact.
  • You belong in a company that allows you to act with purpose and thrive in your own way.
  • Sodexo offers a vast array of opportunities for everybody whatever your background.
  • The result is endless opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

Referral Code: JO.LDN.Sodexo.Apply

Action Notes Job Link: