Interview Tips



Prepare in advance to make a good impression

  • Dress smartly
  • Make sure you know where the venue is so that you are there on time
  • Research the company and be prepared to say you wat to work for them
  • Examine the Person Specification to see what skills they are looking for and are likely to ask you questions about
  • Note down some real examples to demonstrate where you have used those skills
  • Be positive about what you can do.

Accept feedback so that you can learn to improve.

Think about the interview from the viewpoint of the employer

  • Make sure that you are clear on the company values and vision
  • Make sure that you know some key facts about the company
  • Make sure you know what the main tasks and responsibilities of the job
  • Make sure you have an idea of what the main challenges will be

Sell yourself

  • What interests do you have that might be relevant to the job?
  • Think through how you want to come across to the employer and keep that image in mind for the interview
  • Think through where you have worked in a team and reflect on what makes you a good team member. How can you show this effectively to the employer?