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Join us at the 18-24s Virtual Careers Fair for residents of London & West Midlands - #CareersInspirationWMLDN

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Day One Programme




12pm – 12:15pm

National Careers Service

Opening the event, giving an overview of how the event will be run on Day 1 and Day 2.

12:15pm - 1pm

ASK Apprenticeships

ASK Apprenticeships will provide an apprenticeship overview including what they are, what the levels of apprenticeships mean, higher and degree apprenticeships, where to find apprenticeship opportunities to apply for and a description of what you can expect to see in the application process.

They will also be joined by 3 apprentices who will share their apprenticeship journey

Live Q&A at the end of presentation

1pm -1:30pm

Department for Work and Pensions

DWP will be covering all things Kickstart including how to apply, eligibility criteria and what kind of opportunities people have gone into.

Live Q&A at the end of presentation

1:30pm -2pm


PeoplePlus will be giving an overview of what a traineeship is, the eligibility criteria and the benefits of completing a traineeship. 

Live Q&A at the end of presentation

2pm – 2:30pm

Youth Employment UK

Youth Employment UK will be giving a live demonstration on their new job searching tool as well as an overview of how they can support under 25 year olds.

Live Q&A at the end of presentation

2:30pm – 3pm

National Careers Service

An overview of the National Careers Service including how to make an appointment and the online resources available on the National Careers Service website such as Explore Careers and skills assessments.