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Top Companies 2022: The best workplaces to grow your career in the UK
Joanne Ray
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Top Companies 2022: The best workplaces to grow your career in the UK

LinkedIn Top Companies list is the annual ranking of the best places to work in the UK, based on unique LinkedIn data. It's a resource for jobseekers and career builders to explore open jobs, enhance their skills, identify companies that invest in their talents and offer opportunities, and more.

This list is meant to guide professionals at every stage – whether that means a career pivot, jumping back into the workforce after a hiatus or investing in new skills. At each company, you'll find insights around which roles and skills are in demand, top locations and much more. You can also explore open jobs and people you may know at the company. If a company catches your eye, follow their company page and/or turn on job alerts to stay on top of future opportunities.

1) Barclays

UK Headcount: 83,500 | Global Headcount: 156,000 | Top UK locations: London, Northampton, Glasgow

Most notable skills: Banking, Stakeholder Management, Financial Services 

Most common job titles: Banker, Accountant, Business Analyst

What you should know: Barclays has committed to amplifying the voices of its diverse workforce, creating a number of  Employee Resource Groups to foster inclusion and a sense of belonging amongst employees. The company is also embedding flexible working to support colleagues across generations, gender, sexual orientation and every aspect of diversity.

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2) Lloyds Banking Group

UK Headcount: 50,185* | Global Headcount: 58,000 | Top UK locations: London, Edinburgh, Bristol 

Most notable skills: Banking, Stakeholder Management, Fraud Investigations 

Most common job titles: Business Analyst, Senior Account Manager, Product Owner 

What you should know: Lloyds Banking Group plans to shed 20% of its office space and its employees have been given options for part-time work, job sharing, compressed hours and home working. It is also creating opportunities to celebrate diversity in the workplace.

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UK Headcount: 38,233 | Global Headcount: 224,737 | Top UK locations: London, Birmingham, Sheffield 

Most notable skills: BankingFinancial servicesRisk Management

Most common job titles: Universal Banker, Project Manager, Relationship Director 

Largest job functions: Finance, Business Development, Information Technology

What you should know: After more than doubling profits last year as a result of the global recovery from the Covid crisis, HSBC increased its global staff bonus pool to £2.6bn.

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