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Future Trends

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Technology is at the heart of every company. As the pandemic continued to turn the norm upside down in 2021, the world became even more dependent on technology.

As technology advances, it is anyone’s guess what craze 2022 might hold, but here are some predictions for the top trends to watch out for this year.


UK Graduate Labour Market

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In the week to 2 January 2022, overall retail footfall in the UK was 75% of the level seen in the equivalent week of 2019. This is lower than the previous week where overall retail footfall was at 86% of the equivalent week of 2019.

The total volume of online job adverts on 31 December 2021 was at 121% of its February 2020 average level, a 4% decrease from the previous week. The highest level of job adverts relative to February 2020 continued to be in the 'transport, logistics and warehouse' category, at 260%.

Skills Bootcamps in HGV Driving

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Are you looking for the opportunity to upskill and become a sought-after HGV Driver? We're are delighted to highlight a brand-new opportunity for any jobseekers, whether currently employed or unemployed, to enrol onto a fully funded Skills Bootcamp, resulting in a guaranteed job offer.

Working within the Retail Sector

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The retail industry is one of the UK’s largest private sector employers. Within the retail industry many of the roles will be customer facing, but you could also work in areas such as buying, online retail, merchandising, IT support, marketing, distribution, or logistics. Almost 1 in 10 working people work in the retail industry and 60,000 Retail Managers may be needed in the UK by 2022. The growing number of self-service tills in shops such as supermarkets means fewer Check Out Assistants, but Store and Deputy Store Managers will be in demand.