50+ Futures Project



National Careers Service London is delivering an exciting new project with funding provided by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). It is the 50 Plus Futures Project which is designed to support individuals aged 50 years and over to remain in and/or return to the labour market.

Why does the EFSA think it is important to run a project focused on age 50+ individuals?

  • We are an ageing workforce
  • We are all living longer and working for longer
  • By 2020 one in three workers will be over 50, and by 2030 half of all adults in the UK will be over 50
  • Over the next five years there will be 0.8 million more people aged 50-64, and 0.4 million fewer people aged 16-49
  • Older workers are often a company’s most skilled and experienced employees and retaining them is critical

The main focus of the project is to engage with employers and support them to:

  • Recognise the positive impact that workers aged 50 and over could have on their organisation
  • Recruit talented individuals aged 50 and over that meet their organisation’s needs
  • Retrain existing employees to learn the skills their business requires
  • Retain the experienced workers they already have
  • Reset their workforce so it can continue to benefit from the National Careers Service

Download the 50+ Future Project brochure here.

Colleagues Neil Hammond and Stanley Muguo have been meeting with employers, completing Training Needs Analyses with them and delivering bespoke workshops to their age 50+ staff to help them:

  • Explain the impact of future changes on their sector
  • Identify the skills needed for their sector and how to upskill (including digital skills)
  • Identify opportunities for further learning and careers support
  • Find services that can support with related issues, e.g. pension advice
  • Use strategies to manage change and build resilience
  • Prepare a personalised Career Plan for ongoing career management

Companies that are taking part include:

  • Metro
  • Dignity
  • Marion Missionary
  • Bensons for Beds
  • Goldsmiths
  • HD Security
  • Woodcote High School

We will also be offering mentoring for individual employees.

As well as supporting employers and their staff we will also be delivering Mid Life Career Review workshops to unemployed customers in various venues across London.