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Low Confidence to Carer
Victoria Kalber
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Low Confidence to Carer

National Careers Service London Case Study

Dupe is a 47-year-old from South West London who met with the National Careers Service in May 2017 after struggling to achieve her career goals due to severe dyslexia.

Dupe needed help to improve her English skills and confidence, and apply for work. The Adviser encouraged Dupe to enrol on English classes to boost her confidence and offered advice around getting support for her dyslexia at the College. Dupe also struggled with IT skills, so the Adviser took the lead in helping Dupe to create a CV and write Cover Letters.

After discussing Dupe’s ambitions, the Adviser put her in touch with a local Nursing Home where Dupe would soon secure a part-time job as a Carer.

As a result of seeing the National Careers Service Adviser, Dupe said:

“My confidence was very low but my Adviser was so amazing. She supported me with my CV and helped me to find part-time work as a Carer in a Nursing Home and enrol on English classes. It’s fantastic! I am less stressed now, have found a local good job and am improving my English at the college. The support that I have been given has been excellent. I think my Adviser went over and beyond the service provided.”

“I feel that the Service has really supported me and encouraged me all the way to achieve short term goals to develop skills and improve my confidence. I now have been given a new job opportunity and this is a new start to progress with my career goals.”

“Without the Service, I would have struggled to find work and have the confidence to apply. Getting back to learning is also challenging for me but was the right decision to take.”