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Single Mum to Soaring Career
Victoria Kalber
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Single Mum to Soaring Career

National Careers Service London Case Study

Gemma is a single mum from Sutton who met with the National Careers Service to boost her confidence and her qualifications.

Gemma had left secondary school without taking her GCSEs and was hoping to improve her skills and confidence by finding a career. Gemma had struggled with dyslexia and felt that her IT and computer skills were lacking but didn’t have time to find a course due to caring for her child.

The Adviser talked to Gemma about college and the types of courses she could enrol on, and encouraged her to take up courses in IT and Adult Literacy.

Following her advice session, Gemma completed the IT and Adult Literacy courses and went on to enrol on and complete the Level 2 CACHE qualification. Her new qualification enabled her to secure employment as a midday supervisor and a voluntary placement in a Nursery. Gemma was also encouraged to enrol on a Paediatric First Aid course to progress in her career.

As a result of meeting with the National Careers Service, Gemma commented:

“This is a fantastic service – the advisers at the college have been working there for a long time so I was able to drop in and speak to them along my journey. When you lack confidence like me, a familiar face makes it so much easier.”

“I left school at 16, I was a young mum and I have always suffered with confidence issues. For a long while I honestly believed that I wasn’t capable of much at all.”

“If I hadn’t had this support from the advisers, I don’t think I would have achieved what I have.”