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Future Trends within the Transport and Logistic Industry

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The transport and logistics sector plays a major role in the UK economy. The transport and logistics sector expects to create 30,000 new apprenticeships by 2020. The government aims to see a 20% increase in the number of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority ethnic) candidates starting an apprenticeship by 2020. Areas of work include passenger transport, traffic management, transport planning and supply of goods such as warehousing, road, rail and air transport.

Future Trends in Hospitality and Food

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The hospitality industry offers you the opportunity to meet and work with indiduals from all over the world. By 2024, the hospitality industry will need to recruit 1.3 million staff. There is a high demand for graduates to go into leadership and permanent roles, especially in hospitality. Chefs are in high demand and the sector is struggling to fill these skill shortage vacancies.

The Future of Construction

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Jobs in the Construction industry are forecast to grow with technology bringing lots of new opportunities. Infrastructure (such as road and rail links) and house building is expected to grow. There will be 179,000 new jobs created between now and 2021.

2,500 Clintons jobs saved

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Around 2,500 jobs have been saved as greetings card retailer Clintons has struck a deal preventing it from going out of business. Clintons boss Eddie Shepherd said the company had been struggling due to business rates pressures, "fragile consumer confidence and the lack of clarity around the taxation of online retail businesses".