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Current Trends in the Labour Market - Future Skills
Joanne Ray
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Current Trends in the Labour Market - Future Skills

The world changes……and this influences the working world, many factors contribute such as: 

  • Technological change – automation; new technology

  • Demographics – in the UK, an older workforce, worldwide and more young people

  • Globalisation – work can easily be transferred to other locations

  • Environmental concerns – changes the priorities, climate changes and green jobs

  • Political – changes to status quo; new influencers and economic changes

What will be required to flourish as work changes:

  • Enhanced digital skills – the baseline will rise as technology develops

  • Skills related to thinking – being able to come up with new ideas

  • Skills to understand and develop systems - analysis, interpretation and evaluation

  • Skills to understand other people and their behaviours – customer and personal service

  • Decision making and judgment skills

  • Knowledge of science and technology, including design, but not always in science and technology sectors

  • Knowledge of languages