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Here’s how to get the edge when looking for work
Joanne Ray
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Here’s how to get the edge when looking for work

The last thing you want when investing time and money in working towards a new career is to find that, once you’re trained, there are no jobs in your area or the work isn’t right for you.

If you want to get an insight into the world of work and make sure the decisions you’re making are sound, Labour Market Information (LMI) can really help you – you’ll be surprised how much you can learn.


How many jobs are there?

Some industries will have more job opportunities than others and there are industries where certain skills are in high demand. Knowing this in advance can help you understand which skills you need to develop and where the most jobs are likely to be.

Remember that the job market is likely to change in the future as some jobs become automated or done by machines. You may not have a crystal ball, but Labour Market Information can help you find out what the future might hold for your job.

What’s the pay like?

It’s worth looking into what pay is typically like in different jobs and how it might grow as you progress. This may vary depending on previous experience, or even location. The starting rates will change between job types and should grow with time, training and promotion as well.

Where are the most jobs?

Some jobs are location-specific. If your dream job is in a particular location, it could mean relocating. Alternatively, you could find out which jobs are in demand in your local area and learn which skills are most sought after, so you can tailor your talents to the current market.

Will it fit around my life?

Some jobs involve shift work and others a more traditional 9-5 routine. Labour Market Information can give you an insight into the working times and hours each job will require, which is valuable if you’re looking for work that will be flexible and fit around your other commitments.

So remember: doing your research will tell you a lot and really give you the edge when it comes to planning your future.

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